The Leadership Trail®
is a suite of leadership development programs and offers something for every level of leader, regardless of tenure in the leadership position.

All leadership curricula are experiential and leverage the international and cross-functional experience of the facilitators and coaches. Each class strikes a balance between lecture, discussion, experiential learning and personal reflection.

All coaches are certified by both the NeuroLeadership Institute™ (NLI) and the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Kay Kuenker
Facilitator and Coach

Kay is a business management consultant and coach. She brings more than 29 years of experience from a Fortune 50 company, during 9 of which she held three distinct global VP roles: Business Development, Regional Leadership of Europe, Middle East and Africa and VP of Government and Public Affairs and Sustainability. Kay earned both Bachelors (University of Michigan Ann Arbor) and Masters degrees (Central Michigan University) in Mathematics.

Jacquie Stephens
Facilitator and Coach

Jacquie has more than 20 years of experience as project manager, professional coach and facilitator. She earned an MBA in Organizational Effectiveness and Strategic Planning from University of British Columbia and her BBA in Marketing, from University of Central Oklahoma. .

Marjan Kruisheer
Facilitator and Coach

Marjan Kruisheer provides executive coaching, facilitation and thought partnership as a consultant. Marjan’s background is in HR and Leadership Development working with large global companies in healthcare, manufacturing, distribution and technology. Marjan studied International Agricultural Business Management.

Leanne Pottinger
Facilitator and Coach

Leanne spent the bulk of her career working in the electric utility sector with a focus on crisis and issues management, leadership development, employee engagement and culture. She earned a Bachelor of Applied Communications degree from Mount Royal University and is a Results Certified Coach (RCC) with the Neuroleadership Institute.

Our Products

Leadership Readiness 2.0

A 3-day program designed to prepare the individual for his/her first level supervisory responsibilities. It has a focus on responsibility changes between these roles and gettting comfortable with delegation and providing direction to direct reports.

FrontLine Leadership 2.0

A 3-day program designed to help first and second level leaders gain insights into their own leadership behaviors, how to implement personal change and how to help others realize their full potential.

Motivating the Middle

A 2-day course targeting the middle-management layer of an organization, aimed at keeping the middle layer motivated and performing at their best when they feel that they have been passed over. Key themes are self-awareness, personal motivators, purpose and fulfillment.

Women in Leadership Series

A modular program offered in six 90-minute modules over three months. Modules are targeted at common challenges such as Managing Conflict, Managing Up, Confidence, Self Awareness, Managing Stress and Effective Communication. The program aims to help participants leverage their personal strengths as leaders and recognize how their approaches may work for desired impact.


Our Services



The Leadership Trail offers individual and group coaching services aimed at helping clients discover and move closer to realizing their true potential.

360-Degree Leadership Assessment

Available to any participants within an organization, where 360 indicates that those providing feedback are: Self, the participant’s direct supervisor, peers and direct reports.

Myers-Briggs Assessment

Focuses on building awareness of how style/approaches that may come naturally and understandably to one, may cause friction with others of other styles.

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